Ode to Motherhood

????In Celebration of Life Day (Ronald Reagan, January 1984)????

Ode to Motherhood (poem by Mimika Cooney)

When does a woman become a mother?
The shift is made at copulation.
If it be through choice, coercion, corruption or crime;
she becomes courageous.

At the moment of conception she becomes a conduit.
She lends her body for a short time to continue the calling.
She is chosen for the most celebrated role to conceive and carry the most precious cargo.

She concedes her rights to her body to become a carrier of creation.
She courageously cares and curates for what could be.
Some choose career, cares or convenience to cut short this calling.

The pre-born cry for a chance to contribute to the world.
She may carry the cure for cancer, cold fusion or the next world changer.

She is chosen to deliver the future to completeness.
Let’s celebrate the culmination of courage, calling and creation.
Mother, the world is counting on you????


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