LinkedIn Sales Secrets with Karen Yankovich

Using her experience with IT sales as well as a business owner, Karen loved “coming in for the close”. She was passionate about finding the best application for people so that they could find success and she could make the sale.

After building her own social media platforms, people began coming to her asking how she did it. It was then she realized that she could combine her years of sales experience with her love of technology and from there the sales came rolling in from Linkedin. Social media played a key role in getting her visibility, but it was Linkedin that got her the sales, beginning her role as in expert in getting sales on Linkedin.

If you are looking to up your sales game and want to learn more about how Linkedin can make that happen, you don’t want to miss this interview with Karen. During this interview, Karen give us just a small taste of how to position yourself on Linkedin, including:

Takeaway Tips:

  1. Your headline is not about you, but about who you help and how you do it.
  2. Your summary should include keywords, show what you’re passionate about and have a call to action.
  3. Your profile photo is an important first impression. Invest in a professional photo to show you are serious.

Big Takeaway:

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Guest Bio:

  • Karen Yankovich is a Conversational Conversion Expert.
  • She rocks a variety of Social Media platforms like Periscope, Twitter, and Facebook, and is an internationally recognized leader on LinkedIn.
  • Karen guides career professionals, executives, startups and established brands to more profitable engagement through strategic conversations.
  • Karen is a popular trainer & speaker and her advice has been featured on Career Talk Radio, DailyWorth, Social Media Examiner and the Huffington Post.
  • She’s a whiz at teaching her clients on how to build authentic rapport with THEIR clients, prospects, influencers and the media – and how to leverage those conversations into transformative brand expansion, service and sales channels.

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