Enjoying Life After Death with Bill Dolan

Imagine you are sitting on an airplane on your way to a business trip. The next thing you realize, you are on the other side of eternity.

As a busy CEO of a thriving company, Bill Dolan was on his own trajectory toward success. Then one day, everything changed.

Bill had a death experience that challenged his entire world view and approach to life and business.

Bill says; “We don’t earn our next breath. It’s a gift from God. Your life is a precious gift that you give to others. Everyday could be your last day, so how will you live today?”

Listen in to what Bill has to say about his experience and be inspired to live your best life!

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Guest Bio

Bill Dolan is President and Creative Director of Spirit Media, a digital video marketing agency specializing in video production, live event production and direction, webcasting and content marketing for profit and non-profit organizations.

Bill has produced live events for 500 to 250,000 people, directed national and international broadcasts for millions. He has acted as director and creative consultant for hundreds of organizations- from Fortune 500 companies to global ministries.

In 1999, Bill had a death experience that challenged his world view and approach to communication and marketing. Years of research led him to write the book, The 7 Disciplines of Relationship Marketing.

Today, he is a recognized authority, national speaker and workshop trainer of the 7DRM Strategy.


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