How your Brokenness Unlocks your Breakthrough with Shellie M. Saunders

Have you experienced hardships that have prevented you from pursuing your dreams?

Has life’s circumstances tested your faith to the limit where you now feel despondent?

Christian empowerment fiction author Shellie M. Saunders shares How your Brokenness Unlocks your Breakthrough.

Shellie has a genuine story of overcoming adversity and how she was able to push through to pursue her dreams. She shares her story with others to encourage them in their own walk with God.

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Guest Bio

Shellie M. Saunders writes Christian-based “empowerment fiction” that reaches readers in their broken places. Sending a reminder of God’s restorative power, her edgy writing incorporates story lines that reach people right where they are.

Shellie earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Arts with an emphasis in Print Journalism from Hampton University. She later received a Master’s degree in Written Communication from Eastern Michigan University while she worked as a technical writer.

She found her passion for fiction when a middle school English teacher encouraged her to test for a high school creative writing class.

While Shellie’s corporate writing career blossomed, she was determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a novelist. But a quick rise on the corporate ladder, commuting to graduate school, managing a small editing business and dealing with two stress-related medical diagnoses left her struggling to finalize her manuscript.

Once she completed the manuscript, Shellie attempted to find a traditional publisher and prayed for an opportunity. Ultimately, she followed God’s direction to self-publish her novel and planned to release the book in late 2011, two months before she and her husband were expecting their first child. However, even with forced bed rest, complications caused her baby girl to arrive 16 weeks early. Her daughter stayed in the NICU for three months.

With her preemie daughter’s health finally stable, Shellie self-published her novel, Broken Vessels, in 2013.

Broken Vessels was born from the desire to tell a story of overcoming adversity. As Shellie dealt with her own battles, her writing and her faith evolved. This included a deeper exploration of betrayal, acceptance and forgiveness—the major themes of the novel.

Broken Vessels reached #22 on Amazon’s African-American Fiction Best Seller List. Later, the ebook landed two #1 spots on Amazon best seller lists.

Shellie is currently working on the sequel to Broken Vessels. It will be the second book in the Trinity Porter Series, based in Detroit.

When she isn’t writing, Shellie is reading about the craft of writing, stealing a date night with her husband, playing with their daughter and trying to curb her addiction to Starbucks lattes.

What is your SuperPower? What are you good at that you like to help others overcome?

Helping women to use their brokenness to unlock their breakthrough.


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