How to share your Story with Tina Yeager

Did you know that there are people who need to hear your story from you, so they can find their hope and healing?

Often times we are afraid of not belonging that we slip into comparison. When we compare, we miss judge our value.

Writing coach and author Tina Yeager says your story is unique and has a resonating quality just like an orchestra. We need to learn to harmonize with others so our unique sound will reach the audience it is meant to reach, while blending perfectly with the other instruments.

Even if your story is similar to someone else, it’s different and unique, so don’t discount the value of your story.

Listen in to what Tina has to say and be inspired!

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Guest Bio

An award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and life coach, Tina Yeager also publishes Inkspirations Online, a weekly devotional by writers for writers. She has won twenty-eight writing awards, including 2013 FCWC Writer of the Year, and mentors four chapters of Word Weavers International. Her fiction and nonfiction strive to clarify how we might relate better to others, to ourselves, and to God.

Licensed as a counselor since 2005, she has over twenty years of experience teaching adults, teens, and children in academic, clinical, and faith-based settings.

Tina enjoys working with diverse populations and has practiced in community mental health settings and private practice since 2000. She specializes in ADHD, stress management, abuse recovery, and esteem-building, and currently runs an online life coaching practice, Divine Encouragement, LLC. Yeager is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and holds a BA in creative writing and an MA in counseling.

Yeager is a member of the Serious Writer team, which hosts nationwide conferences and boot camps. Her Psyched Characters and Kindle your Creative Spark courses are available online at the Serious Writer Academy.


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