How to find the Courage to Pursue your Dream with Deidra Riggs

Have you lost the courage to take the steps toward pursuing your purpose and unlocking your potential?

Have you found yourself trying to mimic someone else’s success, style or system and it hasn’t worked for you?

Author and national speaker Deidra Riggs shares How to find the Courage to Pursue your Dream.

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Guest Bio

Deidra Riggs is an author, a national speaker, and the visionary behind life-changing events for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and other fabulous people who have an amazing dream.

Through her engaging and relatable talks, practical and inspiring books, and first-class events, she works to cross cultural boundaries, build bridges with those who are different, and create more peace in the world while making it all feel like a fabulous celebration of life.

When she’s not inspiring you to live life to the fullest and push past invisible boundaries, you can find her frolicking in the ocean, dancing to loud disco tunes, or hosting a group of her closest friends around the dinner table.

What is your SuperPower? What are you good at that you like to help others overcome?

I am wise and funny. I’m a good communicator. I help others examine and overcome their prejudices.


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