How to Claim your Purpose with Mike Flynn

Do you have a burning desire to do what you were born to do but don’t know how to achieve it?

Mike Flynn has a heart for people who are frustrated by the fact they don’t feel like they are heading anywhere on purpose. He is on a mission to help others uncover what they were born to do so they can walk out their calling.

Mike is the only gentleman speaking on our summit and he gets vulnerable by sharing his personal story of how God was able to turn his worst moments into his greatest break through.

Watch the interview as he shares How to Claim your Purpose and take the steps to unlock your calling.

[bctt tweet=”The number one thing that prevents us from taking action is not fear of failure, it’s fear of what other people will think of us if we fail @theimpactmike #PurposePowerSummit”]

Guest Bio

Mike Flynn is a husband, father, crossfitter, purpose evangelist and second generation entrepreneur. Over the course of his career helping people become the Hero of their financial story, Mike discovered that the greatest crisis many people face is not a financial one. Rather, it is a lack of purpose…including himself. To that end, in 2016, Mike began a journey of self discover and learning when he created, The Impact Entrepreneur Show, a highly rated podcast available where he interviews incredible people who are using their platform to have a game changing impact in the lives of others.

What is your SuperPower?

I have the gift of insight, encouragement and connection. My mission is to help others identify and live in their purpose.


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