How to Become Irreplaceable with Anita Agers-Brooks

How would your business look like if you decided to treat all your customers as if their business was your own?

The story of Joseph in the bible is the epitome of entrepreneurial life. With setbacks, difficulties, accusations and troubles; it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking things aren’t fair when we are not treated properly. But what if we thought as Joseph did? Things would be very different.

Author Anita Agers-Brooks says that it’s not what happened to him that is relevant, it’s what he did with his circumstances that made the difference.

Doors will open and success will come when we just follow Josephs example. He didn’t give up, he just kept on keeping on with integrity, ethics and no complaints. What if we took the complaints out of our language? It would transform our lives!

As Christian Entrepreneurs, we are to work as unto the Lord. Just like Joseph, our daily habits need to be consistent with humbling ourselves and honouring God in everything we do.

Even when no one else is looking, God will honor our efforts when there is no sign of rescue or success. When Joseph persisted he was raised to a higher stature, responsibility and honor.

Listen in to what Anita has to share and be encouraged to live like Joseph!

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Guest Bio

Anita Agers-Brooks educates, inspires, and encourages today’s influencers. Blending mind, heart, and spirit, as an Inspirational Business/Life Coach, award-winning author, International Speaker, Certified Personality Trainer, Certified Communications Specialist, and Common Trauma Expert, she motivates people to dynamic break-throughs.

Anita challenges people to remember, We all influence someone, the question is, are we influencing well?

Anita fulfils her mission to help 21st-century women and men lead more productive, profitable, and peace-filled lives, by sharing what shes learned through decades of experience, interviews, and research. From the page and the stage, Anita reminds us, In business, as in life and love, its never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith.


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