How Identity is your Launchpad for Clarity with Stevie Knight

As Kingdom focused entrepreneurs we need to look at business through a different lens.

We are held to a higher standard than the world’s standards of success, so how do we navigate running a business in the world when you are not of the world?

Being a representative of God’s Kingdom can sometimes come with questions or a lack of clarity of purpose and direction.

Clarity is knowing what God wants us to focus on in this season, for right now. However, our identity and purpose can be stolen if we are not firmly grounded in the Word of God. Worrying about the traditions of men can cause us to miss important things, especially when God is our business partner.

Business coach Stevie Knight shares how what we are doing to advance the Kingdom through business is evidence of God’s power. Just because we don’t stand on a pulpit doesn’t mean that we are not effective for advancing the Kingdom.

Watch our interview for the gold nuggets of truth Stevie shares to help you navigate running your own business for God’s glory.

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Guest Bio

Born and raised in France as a missionary kid, Stevie Knight now lives in Colorado and is a mom to 5 awesome young adults.

Stevie is the founder of 7 Spheres Media, helping equip Kingdom-minded Believers and their companies for influence and impact in the marketplace and serving them through speaking, training and consulting.

Having experienced her own journey through divorce, financial loss and cancer, Stevie has been contending for everything that has been stolen from Believers through ignorance, immaturity, bad choices, trauma and head-on spiritual warfare.

She loves sharing about faith; business and entrepreneurship; personal transformation; and the leverage power of social media and emerging technologies.

But most of all, she loves talking about the King of Kings and HIS power to change the world through His people.


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