Golden Rules of Social Media to Grow your Business with Heather Heuman

Have you ever wished that you could confidently say that social media is getting you leads and growing your business or ministry? Does it feel like it’s hard for your brand to stand out in a noisy online world?

Heather Heuman of Sweet Tea Social Marketing shares her insights for getting your social media newsfeed thriving with activity.

Heather says if we are constantly falling victim to the negative “imposter syndrome” mindset we are being our own worst enemy. God has a plan and a purpose for each of us and we can use modern marketing methods, like social media, to further our message and mission. The difference is that we can trust in God to help us operate in faith not fear by being authentic and showing up.

Heather explains that you need to look at what you do and make your messaging about what you love to do. By building strong foundational relationships and knowing who your customers are, greatly impacts all your marketing efforts.

To become recognized, you need to put your own spin on your specific topic. We are all serving, helping and impacting others with our business by making things better for our customers.

Heather’s framework for being SOCIAL: Strong foundation, Optimize relationstions, Choose the platform, Influential content, Automate smart systems, Legacy impact.

Listen in to what Heather has to say to help you build your own social media following.

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Guest Bio

Heather Heuman is the CEO of Sweet Tea Social Marketing, host of the “Business, Jesus and Sweet Tea” podcast and founder of Social Thrive Business Academy.

She is a social media speaker, strategist and consultant that specializes in helping business owners discover how to grow in today’s noisy social marketplace with solid social media strategy.

Heather has worked with clients like Chick-fil-A, Wilson Sports, Chambers of Commerce and global brands during her 19 years in the digital marketing space.


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