Finding Joy in All Circumstances with Adria Wilkins

Losing a loved one always leaves a gaping hole in our heart, no matter the circumstances. As a parent, I can’t imagine the painful experience of losing a child.

Adria Wilkins experienced the loss of her 3 year old son, Blake. Despite the pain, she was able to find the joy in her circumstance.

“It’s ok when you go through trials, it’s ok to be upset. But there is also a joy to be found.” says Adria.

Listen in to what Adria has to say and be inspired!

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Guest Bio

Award winning author, Adria Wilkins has an accounting degree from Western Kentucky University. She and her husband, Erik, live in Northern Virginia and have three children Katie, Blake, and Anthony.

She enjoys telling a story, adding sprinkles of joy and a few extra dollops to liven it up.

After suffering the unthinkable – death of three-year-old Blake, she found that Jesus sustains, and evens surprises His followers with joy.

She has been a contributing author in six other books and has a quarterly column in the Broken but Priceless online magazine. She has been a guest on Christian Television Network with Monica Schmelter on the Bridges show and on WBKO Midday Live.

Adria Wilkins’s book “The Joy Box Journal” with Hachette Book Group released on July 2019.


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