Do you want to feel like what you do matters?

Do you want to feel like what you do matters? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

Isn’t it ironic that the human condition is that we fear being ignored, yet we fear being seen too? We all want to feel like what we do stands for something, or someone.

I was saddened to hear of the passing this week of one of my favorite comedic actors, Robin Williams. There was a post I noticed on Facebook of how social media exploded with the news, and yet there was little mention of children who suffer on a daily basis. It got me thinking…

Every day there are people who suffer in silence, who appear to “have it all”, yet deep down live a life of despair. Despite Robin Williams genius talent, he too experienced the fear of not being “good enough” just like the rest of us do.

I think what triggered the enormous outpouring and sense of loss is that his death reminded us that we are all human with flaws and failings. We open ourselves up to criticism and failure by creating, doing, being. Yet a path not ventured is nothing gained right?

Just some food for thought; none of us have it all together, we try, we fail and that’s okay. As long as you can press on, pick yourself up and keep going, you may just leave lasting footprints for someone else to treasure.

Keep going don’t give up you are worth it!!!!