How to be the Architect of your own Life with Karen Otis

After having her life turned upside down with personal and professional setbacks, Karen Otis struggled to put the pieces back together.  Ten years of failed attempts led her to apply the steps she uses in Architecture to design homes and buildings, to re-design her life.

Karen re-built her life that is now filled with purpose, passion and inspiration by using the same 8-step approach she uses to design homes and buildings.  She believes that as humans we are all entitled to the human experience of having our souls elevated and full of inspiration.

Would you like to know the 8-steps that Karen used to create the life she envisioned?  In this episode you will discover:

  • Use your creativity and intuition to make decisions
  • How to bring you life from mundane to extraordinary
  • Karen’s 8-step approach to rebuilding your life

[3:37] Guest Intro

[6:00] The concept of the 8-Step approach

[6:40] Step 1-Site Study

[11:00] Step 2-Historical Models

[14:00] Step 3- Take Stock

[16:13] Today’s Giveaway

[16:42] About The Balancing Act ebook

[17:42] Step 4-Create a Wishlist

[20:01] Step 5- Absorpiton

[20:22] Step 6-Envisioning a Vision

[20:43] Step 7-Start to Draw

[21:08] Step 8 The Blueprint

[21:52] Big Takeaway

[23:00] How to connect with Karen

[23:53] Wrap Up

Big Takeaway:

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Guest Bio:

As a successful and prolific architect, Karen Otis has explored creative methods and blazed a trail to go beyond the practice of architecture.

Through her book “Be The Architect Of Your Life: Design, Build And Start Living A Life Inspired” and individual life coaching, Karen helps people take the 8-step creative method used in architecture to find direction and fluidity to spiritually awaken their souls.

Her architectural method is perfect for people going through a life change, i.e. empty nest, divorce, graduation, re-entry to the workforce, and midlife crisis.


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