How to make a living as an artist (Jeremy Sutton)


Have you ever wondered if you can make money from being an artist? Watch today’s show with Jeremy Sutton, digital artist and founder of PaintBoxTV. Jeremy shares how he became a sought after digital painter living his dream being paid as an artist to do what he loves. He painted Richard Branson’s portrait and did […]

Why your art matters (Jess & Stephen Robertson)


Have you ever wondered if the art you create means something? Do you sometimes feel like you are putting your heart into your craft and doubt that anyone cares? Watch today’s show with Jess and Stephen Robertson, founders of Tog Tools. They share why your art matters to the world. Guest Bio: Jess & Stephen […]

How to find the confidence in your craft as a business (Jamie Larson)


Do you sometimes feel like you’re not ‘good enough’? Is your lack of confidence holding you back from having a profitable business because you don’t believe you’re worth it? Is confidence something we are born with or can it be learnt? As artists it can sometimes be hard to separate the art from our personal […]

How a photographer can think like an entrepreneur (Ana Brandt)


Are you a photographer struggling to make your passion a real business? Do you dream of giving up the day job to pursue your photography full time? Watch today’s show with Ana Brandt a prolific entrepreneur and successful baby photographer. Ana shares how thinking like an entrepreneur has helped her build a well known brand […]

How to be a Photography Marketing Magnet (Amy Zellmer)


Have you been struggling to attract paying clients for your photography business? Watch today’s show with Amy Zellmer of My Photo Biz Coach as she shares her tips for becoming a photography marketing magnet. We talk about using social media, in person networking and special events to boost your promotional strategy for getting actual paying […]

How to find the courage to follow your business dream (Erin Smith)


Have you been dreaming of starting a business but didn’t know how? Watch today’s show with Erin Smith of The Starters Club for inspiration and courage to take the first step to start the business you’ve been dreaming of. Guest Bio: Erin Smith started her entrepreneurial journey 13 years ago when she started investing in […]

How to use Free Content to get Paying Clients (Scott Wyden Kivowitz)


Have you ever wondered how using free written content attracts actual paying clients? Watch today’s show with photographer Scott Wyden Kivowitz as he shares how he uses freebies to build a client base…. Guest Bio: Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a freelance photographer, blogger, author and educator. Scott has over 10 years of experience photographing portraits, […]

It all started with a dream a “What if?”

Today is the first birthday of MimikaTV and YOU’RE INVITED to our party! Come along and learn about our journey as we count down to the celebrations… Part ONE: It all started with a dream a “what if?”… Two years ago I was extremely frustrated with my business and how it was affecting me personally. […]