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It’s back! The new season of my podcast kicks off today with a new look, brand name and focus.

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I started the show back in 2013 and it’s been through a few iterations and 5 seasons. Today we kick off Season 6 with Episode 81 in our new series.
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Do you know what drives your behaviors? Are you aware of the learned habits?

Let’s dive into your WHY and become the boss of your brain!


Hello everybody. It’s the Mimika Cooney. Welcome back. Well, I should say I’m back. It’s been a few months since we’ve had the Mimika TV podcast on hold, but I’m so excited to introduce you to a new season. So, yeah. Welcome to season six of Mimika TV. Now I wanted to give you a little bit of a, of a backstory and what’s Tasha up with what’s been going on. So this has been a busy year, two kids off to college, one to Spain, uh, another one back at school. It’s been really an exciting year of really digging in, going back to school, myself, learning a whole bunch of new things, especially in the, in the area of neuroscience. I’ve been, uh, really being a student of learning and immersed myself with tech, neuroscience to how the brain works. Cause I’m so excited to bring new content to you that you’re going to love.

That’s going to really help you unstick your mind, not hence the reason why the podcast is kind of shifting focus and really honing in on that aspect is so many of us, especially with you, we’ve been through have perhaps got to a stage where maybe we feel burnout or maybe we’ve been frustrated, or maybe we feel like we got itchy for more. Well, I have put together a whole lineup of content and interviews and teachings and trainings that are really going to help you set yourselves up for success for the coming year, to be able to help you think in terms of growth and to help position you, to make the best choices that are really in alignment with what brings you joy. Now, a lot of us don’t think about it. When we thinking about it, we kind of just let life take us down the path, but I am so excited to be able to share with you some tools, some strategies, and some techniques that you are going to love to really help you put into practice.

Are You Ready to Unstick your Mind?

So in the coming weeks, you can look forward to this content and I’m going to be dripping it out on all social media platforms. So make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as our audio podcasts. We are all on all podcast platforms like Stitcher and iTunes. And I would love to hear your comments. Like I’d love to hear your feedback. What are you thinking about lately? What are you motivated to do? What are those big dreams that you have? Because I really want to make the show and the content are provide really user generated and really to help you where you read. So I’m excited to be able to share that with you. So today’s episode is going to kick off in the right direction to help you get used to the idea of what exactly a mindset is.

What do we talk about when we think we talk about neuroscience, but really just practical life skills that you can use today, whether it’s to build a business repair, a relationships that write a book, all of these tools become lifestyle tools. It’s not just a quick fix and a diet. That’s not what I’m about. I’m in for the long haul. I want to be able to help and equip and empower and encourage you to build lifestyle tools and techniques that you can actually stretch and grow into and then become the way that your new life’s going to be. So I’m so excited about this. And the best way for us to connect is to connect with me on my website, admin, Mika, And I have new, a new book coming up and I have new training, especially our unstick, your mind master class.

And that is really taking you through this process in a structured format. And it’s called the unstick your mind method, which is my own signature training program that I’ve put together. And that exactly that’s really what I’ve been working on this year is putting together that content. And we’ve had several rounds of students go through. That was great results, not just great, but transformative results. That from the beginning of when they started to where they ended up after our program that are really life, their lives have been changed. So that is what I’m so passionate about. I would love to have you join us in one of our upcoming masterclasses, but you can find out all that information at, but let’s kick off today’s training and today’s podcast with a new episode, enjoy what I’m excited and passionate about today is really helping, especially women, but men too.

They’re invited to the party too, to unstick their minds, using a rewiring your brain approach. Now, basically what that means is I help you think about what you thinking about. So if there’s big dreams and visions, or maybe you’re feeling a little stuck, these are the kinds of things I love to work through and help you become the boss of your brains. Everything starts with a thought and my whole view on luck, whether it’s weight loss or making money or achieving a goal, writing a book, whatever it is, it all starts with our intrinsic motivation. But a lot of us, I have what I call the junk in the trunk from past years. Usually a lot of stuff from childhood that kind of gets stuck in there that holds us back. And these become a boomerang thoughts that we don’t even think about that pull us into old habits and ways of doing things.

And we don’t know why we keep reaching for the ice cream when we know we should go for a run, right? And then there’s a whole process is awareness. The awareness of why you think the way you do, why you feel the way you do and starting to ask yourself those questions, because here’s the thing from a neuroscience perspective, I’m a total neuroscience geek. Our brain is does, and it’s wired to avoid discomfort. Now that, you know, you can imagine back in the days when we were living in the wilderness, you had to have that sense of thinking in order to survive, because back then you, you would have a saber tooth tiger running off to you. So you knew, you know, fight or flight was important. But now in our modern society, our brains are always wanting to get us back to their place.

Be Ready to Unstick your Mind

Of all of this is difficult. Don’t want to do it. Oh, this is hard. This is uncomfortable. I don’t want to make the hard choices because it makes me feel uncomfortable. And of course we have the microwave’s and we have the app for this and an app for that. Everything is about comfort, but the problem with a comfort zone, nothing ever grows there, nothing ever changes. And Albert Einstein had is saying that it’s so true. It’s like doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result called insanity. So if we want to get away from thinking it’s insane thoughts and wanting to see a shift in a change in our lives, in our relationships, in our bank balance, it really has to start with how we think about things. Because even like from a weight loss perspective, there’s lots of layers. You know, like, uh, Cheryl has said is oftentimes you can start with nutrition, but they are a lot of emotional, spiritual, thought process that have actually driven us to become who we are because we have formed habits over the years.

We’ve learned behaviors, we’ve mirrored behaviors that have been murdered to us like parental. There’s a whole thing about nurture nature, which we don’t have to get into detail. Well, but at the end of the day, it has to start with the choice. Do you, do you want this? And why do you want this? Because once you know your why, and I know it sounds like a cliche, you do have your sense of direction and your purpose so that when you, it is hard, when you are three o’clock in the morning having to write a book, or when, you know, you don’t feel like getting up at seven in the morning to go for a run when it’s freezing cold outside or choose the apple over the ice cream. Yeah. There’s a hard, but when you know, there’s a bigger reason why you’re doing it, it makes a lot more sense and motivation and purpose kicks in what I’ve realized.

And I’ve also helped. Cause I work a lot with business owners and entrepreneurs and you know, leaders who are leading other people is once you can make that switch from, it’s not sales, it’s a service. Someone is looking for something. Someone has a need for something. If I can put myself in their shoes and say, how can I help you? It’s pretty much like you go to the store, right? Somebody w the owner of the stores, hello, welcome. How can I help you? It’s like, it’s not that hard. I think it’s so important because it’s like everything in life, whether you’re pitching, trying to get your, your kids to do their homework or their husband to, you know, go on a vacation or whatever it is in any situation you are trying to position yourself. You know, women are being more vocal because I actually had a client earlier that our, so it was talking with that I was coaching with.

And she’s just saying, I finally found my voice. And I think that is, it’s so important to have that ability where we can feel like we can voice our opinions, because I think that’s a lot of where a lot of stuff happens in our head. And we think, and we think, and we overthink. And as adults, we totally overthink this. I was trained classical ballet dancer all my life, but I’ve actually switched to doing figure skating. I only started learning figure skating at the age of 31. I never learned how to skate. I improve that. You can teach an old dog new tricks, just a matter of mindset, putting yourself and getting up and doing it again and doing the gain and doing the game that guaranteed to fall. Like if you Karen, to not necessarily get the sale or not lose the weight, or, you know, you’re not accomplished your goals, but that’s okay.

We just get up and do it again. But the book that’ll come up next year is actually called unstick your mind, which is also the name of my coaching program and stick your mind. I’ve done. I actually come from a business background. So as an entrepreneur has been a business coach for quite a few years, and I always used to find, I particularly come from the marketing and TV industry. But what I used to find with my clients is that business problems are personal problems in disguise. So even if you are an entrepreneur or a high achiever, and you feel like you’re not reaching your goals, or you’re not making the money you want to, there’s always some personal reasons. That’s under the hood. Now we talked about cars, which I love this analogy because life is like a journey on the highway, right?

Sometimes we’re on a journey and we on the highway and we see the signs and it says, you know, slow down there is like a detour coming. I don’t know. I don’t need to slow down. I’m not certainly good. I know where I’m going. I didn’t need to follow the signs. And then eventually we can either get ourselves where we run out of gas and we hit burnout. Been there, done that, not advisable, or we can kind of start to just listen to what the vehicle is saying. Like we’re in the vehicle. Sometimes we need to take Tom aside to take to a rest area. And if you’ve ever been on a trip, you, you got to go and fill up your petrol with guests. You’ve got to go refresh yourself. And I think especially now, because of the way the world has been, and we’ve all been through who even wants to mention 2020, like, let’s just, let’s try to re do a reset on that.

But all of us are find ourself in a different situation in life, in business, in careers and families and relationships. But what I’m excited about is that people are finally thinking about what’s important to them. They finally thinking, well, I’ve been stuck in a job I hate, or I’m living there area. I don’t like, or I’m a relationship that isn’t making me happy, or we have a choice we can choose to get unstuck by making these decisions. But like, we’ve alluded to it. Doesn’t come without some hard work, but you know, that life doesn’t come with any guarantees unless we do the hard work. So I’m excited to see where all of this takes us. If you just think about most celebrities and professional athletes, the difference between them and us isn’t that makes them particularly special. It just means that they’ve more emotionally resilient and going to say, you know what?

You Are Now Ready to Unstick your Mind!

That sucks, but let’s do it again. And let’s do it again and again. And that’s literally the difference is that who’s willing to act last at our play, their own insecurities. Right? So, and that’s what I think if we can get our heads around, the fact is that we all have it within us. We just need to decide that it doesn’t matter what gets thrown at me. And also, I mean, we could go to far more detail about emotions and the, and the mind, but I think so many of us are driven by our emotions and be like, oh, I feel bad. Or I feel rejected. And if we can kind of just separate our who from, I do, like if I’m a business owner and what I’m doing is PR positioning and selling a product. And if someone says, no, it has no correlation to me, it’s neutral.

The feeling is neutral. There’s not a rejection of me there. Isn’t doesn’t mean I’ve done something wrong, nothing has gone wrong. It’s just, it wasn’t the right fit. So if we can kind of just shift that and change our perspective, we will find will be able to build a lot more resilience in our life and business that the newest science studies have actually said that your brain is affected by music, that you, when you listen to a melody, or even when you sing, even for those non singers out there, we all can sing. Okay. What happens is when you actually sing and you get your brain focused on melody, your whole part of your brain works together. And often we work. We do things like if we see, are we doing accounting, we in one part of our brain, are we dancing and doing something creative, but when you sing and you allow that music, it actually releases serotonin to help you relax.

And all the feel goods, and it actually helps your brain work to get this. So there you go. Follow this process. Our own signature process I’ve developed also like, uh, using habits is one of our big things. You know, self care is another big thing. Overcoming mental blocks and understanding, thinking about what you’re thinking about and really goal setting with, with, with, with growth and night, because life is a growth, it’s a journey, right? And we may as well have fun and enjoy the ride. If anyone would love any more information regarding how to unstick your mind. I have a podcast called unstick your mind. Our book is called unstick your mind, which will be coming out next year. And, uh, my training program, which is a six to eight week mental, coaching program, a group setting is called and stick your mind. And I have a lot of resources on my website. So the best place to connect with me as And I also have a free book as well, called mindset makeover, which is one of my ones I wrote a couple of years ago that is still working really well. But just the encouragement that if you make the decision today to be aware of what you want to change, you can do it. Just putting in the effort in and awareness is 90% of the way there. So there you go.

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