burnout to balance

Discover 3 Neuroscience Tips to Break out of Burnout & 10x your Productivity

Are you ready to break out of Burnout and find your Balance?

Have you been working harder than ever in your business only to feel like you haven’t done enough?

Before burning the ships and booking a one-way ticket to Mexico, let’s work through some practical mindset tips to help you regain your confidence, your health and your sanity!

Women continue to face alarmingly high levels of burnout and stress with the evolution of the workplace.

Over the past 2 years the shift has accelerated the demands on women and women are struggling to balance working and family needs.

Trying to do all the things in your business, lead a team and be there for your family can leave you feeling like you’re surviving on fumes.

If you don’t put your own oxygen mask on, everyone suffers!

free mindset training Learn 3 Neuroscience Tips that my most Successful Clients use to Break out of Burnout, 10x Productivity & Unlock Potential (even if you don’t know about neuroscience or are starting from scratch).

Find your Balance by Rewiring your Brain !

Getting unstuck

Join me in this LIVE interactive training as we get you ready and aligned to take the right steps as you move from being stuck to successful!

Fixed and growth mindset

In this Training you will Learn

Getting unstuck

HOw it will work

Mimika Cooney
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Meet Mimika

Hello:) I'm Mimika Cooney as leading faith-based Mindset Metacog Coach and Personal Trainer for your Mind. I love to empower high achieving Christian Business women to Unstick their minds, Develop emotional Resiliency and Unlock peak Performance. I'm the Founder and Creator of the “Unstick Your Mind“ (TM) the Mindset Mastery Method. It is a dynamic and transformative training program that equips high performers with the tools to achieve their breakthrough. Combining neuroscience and a Christian faith-based approach, discover how to unlock the mindset of a champion by becoming the boss of your brain! People describe me as an empowering motivational Speaker, Author of 8 published books, international award winning photographer, and veteran podcast host of the “Mimika TV” show. Huffington Post nominated me as one of "50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2017". Podcasting Magazine nominated Mimika TV amongst the “Top 50 Moms in Podcasting” in 2020, and FreeSpot named my podcast #9 in the Best 40 Christian Women Podcasts in 2022. Together let's change your world!

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