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I love my iPad. Everyone in my family does too and it’s a tug of war to see who gets to play with it first. But to me it’s not for playing games, rather it’s one of the best sales tools that will actually MAKE me money in my photography business. I hear from other photographer’s all the time…

“I can’t do in person sales because I don’t have a dedicated studio”,
“I don’t have the time to meet with clients again for the sales appointment”,
“My clients live far away and don’t want to travel back to see me for the sales session”,
“I don’t like selling”.

Well, let me tell you those are just excuses, and here is why….(oh and please excuse the wardrobe malfunction, a case of I need a wardrobe stylist!).

The wonderful talents of Ariana Farleni have brought us this revolutionary mobile application called the Shoot N Sell App that is so easy to use my 2 year old knows how to work it.

This is perfect for the photographer who doesn’t have a ‘studio’ to meet with clients as the iPad can be taken on location to the clients own home. The advantage of conducting sales sessions in the clients home is that you provide the service for them thereby making the decisions much easier, and the sale much higher. It allows photographers to take images of a client’s actual room and show them visually what their art work will look like. It takes away all the guess work and imagination of trying to figure out scale and how a portrait will look hung on a wall.

Secondly, if you service clients who travel a distance to come for their photo session, there is no reason why you can’t use the application to conduct a virtual sales session. Tip: have the client email you photos of their rooms, you import them into the software and create the collages, then you email them back the layouts. Easy as pie! You can also do a Skype sale session with the software too.

If you don’t find use for the mobile app, there is always the option of purchasing Ariana’s real room interiors from the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides

I use the room view features ALL the time and it always impresses my clients when they see a neatly decorated room with their fabulous images on the walls. At a minimum, purchase the room views and create your client’s wall ideas in Photoshop then simply email then for approval.

You see no matter if you’re a photographer who runs a big studio or you’re a one woman/man show, you can tuck your iPad under your arm and take your sales tool where ever you go. Voila!

Go ahead and order it now on iTunes, you’ll be so glad that you did.

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Mimika Cooney

South African born Mimika Cooney is know as the go-to video expert. She's a TV Host, published author, speaker, branding and video marketing expert. Mimika’s passion is helping entrepreneurs build their businesses with video, branding and online marketing strategies. Mimika has run four successful businesses in three countries and is the host of her own web show Mimika TV. An award winning photographer for 12 years in two countries, has two published books, is a paid public speaker, and has experience as a live television broadcaster. Mimika runs a branding and video marketing agency where she offers consulting and executive coaching for experts, speakers, coaches and authors. She is the founder of "Video Creators Hub" a membership platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to harness the power of Video for explosive business growth. Apply to join the here Video Challenge.


  • Steve Shulenski

    June 5, 2013

    Most of my portrait viewing / sales presentations take place in a motel room using a laptop and digital projector to project the images to actual print sizes onto the wall. But this app and an iPad3 would be even better because of the portability. If you are not doing in person sales presentations of your images you are losing out big time.

    My sales average is at least 10x higher when I bring the prospect back to me or if I go to them. It’s just to easy for them to say no or worse ( I want to think about it) if you try to do the sales online instead of in person.

    Treat your portrait business just like a retail store that is holding a one day sale… If a customer asks “can I think about it” or “how long do you keep the images for”… tell them… you don’t do call backs… you have a one day sale for their images… good for today only…. and all unsold merchandise is deleted as soon as the sales presentation is over. No Exceptions. If they like and want their images but can’t pay for them upfront then offer them an easy payment plan to fit whatever their budget happens to be. If they still don’t buy… ask them to hit the delete key before they or you leave. Do this and you will sell 10X more than trying to sell online.

  • Mimika

    June 5, 2013

    Thank you Steve I couldn’t have put it better myself!!!! Thanks for sharing.
    Mimika :)

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