Merry Christmas from mine to yours…

My family and I would like to wish my dear family, friends and clients a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year! Thank you so much for your love, support and encouragement you are truly valued and make my life an adventure!
(pictured here are my 3 kids)

Mimika Cooney is the host of MimikaTV, an interview web show that shares the stories of successful creative entrepreneurs. She is on a mission to help creatives build a sustainable business doing what they love. Mimika is the founder of Capture School, a learning community for Creatives that offers courses in business, branding and marketing. She has been a pro photographer for eleven years in two countries, and has authored two books on photography. When she is not listening to audio business books in the carpool line, she enjoys dancing and gluten free tea parties with her three kids. Grab her Free Branding +Marketing Toolkit.