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Our studio is a full service studio which means every product you invest in is created ready for your enjoyment. We specialize in framed wall art to decorate the walls of your home. Think of us as your ‘interior designer for your walls’.

We have a selection of frame samples available for you to pick from and I’m sure we will find something suitable to your tastes you will love. Every single portrait is artfully retouched for perfect skin tones and we remove all blemishes, scratches and stretch marks to make you look your very best!

Custom Photography

Custom photography is a truly personalized and tailored experience. It’s not at all like your average ‘what you see is what you get’ cookie cutter chain store experience. Custom photography may not be for everyone, but it certainly is for those who want to capture the moment with patience resulting in artistic heirloom wall art to treasure forever.

It requires an interactive level of commitment and investment in time and planning to ensure the results are spectacular. The Design Session consultation is a must so that we can determine your needs to better serve you. Our in-studio and location sessions are so much more fun when we’ve had a chance to get to know each other better and take the time to plan for the best results. You will receive guidance of how to measure your walls and provide ‘before’ photos of each room so that you arrive completely prepared so our time together is successful.

We take the time to patiently guide you through the ordering process at your Ordering Appointment so you select the best combination of wall art. By projecting your heartfelt memories on our large screen we’re able to creatively show you how fabulous your portraits will look to suit your wall decor.

The luxury of great service, family oriented personalize care, unique custom made choices and a superb end product is what makes our clients keep coming back. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures our clients are thrilled with the results.


How long will the session last?

The session should last up to two hours with 1-3 changes of clothing (depending on the session package you have chosen). Ideally children perform their best within the first 20 minutes so keep them calm and peaceful before the session.

How should I prepare my child?

Tell him/her that we will be having a fun time exploring new things and meeting a new friend. NEVER threaten a child to behave and please DON’T SAY CHEESE (it only results in cheesy looking expressions)! It’s best to leave snacks for after the session wraps so that you child is not distracted or eating while being photographed. Please note we do use candy as a reward so if you would prefer us not to mention it, please inform us before the session begins.

What should I do with my hair and make-up?

Arrive with cleanly washed hair preferably with a little mousse or gel applied to tame the fly away hairs. Large hair bows or barrettes prove too distracting in portraits however smaller ones are more ideal. Make sure the whole family have clean faces, hands, feet and nails as they will appear in the portraits.

A note for Mom: Make-up makes a huge difference to the final look of your portrait, apply a little heavier make-up than you usually would as the photographic lights will wash out your complexion with lightly applied make-up. A color matching foundation (not too heavy though) with bronzer or blusher applied to your cheek bones, and darker than usual mascara and eye liner will make your eyes stand out. Lip gloss or natural looking lipstick looks far better than bright reds or heavier tones.

MAKE-UP SERVICE: For an extra fee we can provide the services of an on site stylist to complete your look.

What types of clothing should I bring to wear?

Simplicity is key for choosing outfits and we advise avoiding anything with distracting patterns, lines, stripes and wording. Try avoid branded shirts that will date in the years to come. Jeans or dark colored pants with a plain solid colored shirt always works best, and incorporating color matching looks great too.

WARDROBE SERVICE INCLUDED: Every session booked is provided with an in-person wardrobe consultation so that we can guide your clothing selections for matching color tones and styles for that finished “magazine” look. We will provide you with a complete shopping list of where to buy your selected outfits making the whole process easy as pie!

What about blemishes and marks?

As a full service studio we carefully and artistically retouch every single portrait we create to ensure you look your absolute best. All marks, red blotches and blemishes will be removed to give your skin a soft and delicate glow.

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