Big Boy David

David is 18 months old and a real charmer! It’s been a delight being part of his family history as I had the wonderful opportunity to capture him while in utero during moms maternity portraits. Watching him grow has made me so proud I feel like his adopted auntie! As soon as David enters the studio he knows exactly where he is and his face lights up as he knows where the candy treasure box is! He loves to smile and it’s just infectious. Mom Nancy is a real trooper and has to be single mom for most of the month while Dad works in Texas. Any time they have together as a family is just precious and I’m so honored that when Dad comes to visit I’m called upon to capture the fleeting moments. It’s only when we don’t have those we love close to us that makes us appreciate just how important it is to treasure every moment. And capturing the moment with heartfelt portraits makes the moment last forever not only in our hearts but in our conscientiousness.